“We have been obtaining our dog food from the Boarding Kennels for a couple of years. Our dogs thrive on this good quality food, which is competitively priced when compared to food obtainable from supermarkets. Keith and his staff deliver it to my work when given sufficient advanced notice. There is also the added advantage that when our dogs stay at the kennels, (where they are looked after so well) they don’t have digestive problems as the food is the same as they get at home.”
Mr D Gold, Amber & Jazz.


“Having tried many different brands of dog food, my four dogs would lose interest after only a few weeks. I was recommended to try Brazier Country Services Salmon and Potato feed and after eight months all my dogs still love it. I was recommended to serve the kibble dry as it would act as a teeth cleaner and their last check up at the vet confirmed all their teeth are a lot cleaner. I am very happy with the Salmon & Potato feed and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality brand of dog food.”
Katy Lockett. Spirit, Cap, Chance & Mojo.


“I hadn’t heard of Super Premium kibble until my dogs had it at The Boarding Kennels. It is really high quality and both of my girls liked it so much and looked so well on it, I give it to them all the time. We had a friend’s dog come to stay for holidays, she looked in my three’s dishes, went to her own and wouldn’t touch her own food for the whole stay, preferring Super Premium. It is good quality food at a reasonable price and with the excellent service from Keith and his team you can have it delivered, smiles all round !”
Alison, Maddie, Millie and Bloo.